FUUUUU the game is one of the game what are not created by PPLLAAYY , but is founded in silver games , And created by heavy.Is based from Rage comics , This game is about the rage guy from memes and Trollface defence . Now is in a game. Move the rage guy on the city , be careful on trollfaces , cars , computers and others , if his rage is on full , you will lose
FUUUUUUU the game


By heavy




Rage guy Edit

The rage guy on the game haves five states on the game when get hited by a trollface , car or computer the rage guy will get a state high.
Let's Play Fffuuu The Game-0

Let's Play Fffuuu The Game-0

Image state info thumanter
1 Happy Very low
2 Normal Low
3 Not so good Muddle
4 Angry high
5 FUUUUUUUU Very high

Trollfaces Edit

The trollfaces in the game when the rage guy gets hited by them the rage thumanter gets 1 up high and here are :

Image Name Damage Appearance Activity
Walking troll 1x First wave Walks over the street and comes over other trollfaces up and down , army of walking trollfaces.
Computer troll 1x Starting the game ,

First wave ,

Second wave , 5th wave , 7th wave

Not moving , but makes a wall of computer trolls.
Driving troll 1x 3th wave Tossing in the air , and creates more driving trolls.
Flying troll 1x 4th wave Flying trolls flying over , and creates other many flying trolls.
Falling troll 1x 5th wave Falls over from the sky , and creates more other falling trolls.
Bike troll 1x 6th wave Moves right and left.
Rocket troll 1x 7th wave Follows the rage guy.

Waves of trollfaces Edit

Number Trollfaces difficulty
1 Computer troll , walking trolls Easy ?
2 Computer trolls Easy ?
3 Driving trolls Merdiocode
4 Flying trolls Merdiocode
5 Falling trolls , computer trolls So so
6 Bike trolls , falling trolls Hard
7 Rocket trolls , computer trolls Very hard