e Garfielf is a parody of garfield but the letter "d" writeing with a " f" video cartoons like asdfcomp 1,2,3,4.

this is the video by PilotRedSun the more garfielf videos are creted by : GAY PENlS ,Gazdatronik, tjyoyo3 and more youtubers.

here is the list of garfielf episodes

Episodes Edit

  1. Garfielf
  2. garfielf joins the galactic empire
  3. Garfielf cat 34
  4. The very hungry Garfielf
  5. Garfielf ruins Jahn's date
  6. Garfielf doesn't like burnt toast
  7. garfielf and the missing odie
  8. john loses his patience with garfielf
  9. garfielf meets nermal
  10. Garfielf Takes Manhattan by Plane
  11. Garfielf gets personal
  12. garfielf navy seal copypasta
  13. Garfielf runs away
  14. the garfielf saga comes to an end
  15. garfielf gets too fat
  16. Garfielf hangs out with Oddie
  17. Garfielf Adventures John Gets a Robo Kitty
  18. Garfielf goes on 4chan
  19. garfielf and the dinner
  20. garfielf goez on a diet
  21. jon hates his life
  22. garfielf has a kitty timeout

A life with garfielf ( Game ) Edit

It's a fan mode game created by a wiki user.

Levels Edit

New levels are coming every week.

From Garfielf ( Pilotredsun ) Edit

  • Game starts in kichen
  • Click on jon
  • And he says " Stuffing your face as usual "
  • Click on garfielf
  • Garfielf says " I gonna have a good meal "
  • If you click the garfielf's bowl , you will complete a mission : ( Eat at first time )
  • If you click garfielf's food , you get a garfielf coin.
  • Later jon will speak you : " Garfield you fat cat , you so fat , why are you so fat "
  • You have two choices :
Choice Save ?
No jon , i'm purfectly fit No
I eat jon , is what i do Yes
  • If you press No jon , i'm purfectly fit , You will lose a garfielf coin
  • If you press I eat jon , is what i do , you will get 3 garfielf coins

Missions Edit

Name How to get it difficulty
Good meal Eat at first time Easy
Odie kicker Kick odie on the table Easy
Lazy kitty Make garfielf sleep without jon to see it Easy - moderate
Lasaga! Eat 5 lasagas Easy - moderate
Hungry cat Eat 20 lasagas moderate
Fat cat Eat over 30 lasagas moderate
Good player Win your first game Easy
Weekly player Win 7 games in one week moderate