Rape Rodent.

Trollface, also known as Coolface, is a popular...thing found on youtube. Most of the times, Trollface or Coolface, however you want to call him, is found with his famous line PROBLEM?.

Sometimes, he also says U MAD?.

Like here, as you can see


Trollface with the PROBLEM? line.


Trollface is based on the character Rape Rodent. (picture there.)

(More about this soon)

The song

There are many different Trollface songs, but trololol is the most known of all of them.It's really a song, not just made for fun. It's sung by Eduard Khill . (He's 77 years old now!)

thumb|right|300px|Trololol (not the full version.)


As far as I know there are 4 Trollface games, all of them found on Game 1, the Trollface game, is a game which can't possibly be beaten, cause you can't start it.

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