Trollface launch while playing.

Trollface launch is 1 of the 4 Trollface games found on This is the only Trollface game where you DO play trollface, not just your cursor or a Stickdude. When you start the game, you will launch Trollface for the first time. When done, you will get some money and create you first record. If you have enough money, it is possible to buy some upgrades. Like arms, legs, hats and other stuff. The more upgrades you buy, the further it's possible to shoot Trollface. Both your length and height will be counted for your record. The number of times Trollface is launched will also be counted, but this will not be counted for your record.


  • Second best Trollface game.
  • Only game where you do play Trollface.
  • Does get a little boring after a while.
  • Secret super upgrade!


    (no upgrades for Trollface.)